About Us

About us

Our mission is to supply the Japanese awards market with a global supply of quality products that have been developed in the Japanese awards market.

Meets the quality requirements of the Japanese market

We, Award Life, are a Japanese manufacturer of crystal trophies. Our starting point was as a local business retailing, engraving and processing Japanese awards.
In order to meet the changing demands of our customers, we have contracted with a crystal glass factory in China to develop and supply crystal trophies to the Japanese market according to market demand.

Works by Japanese designers

Our trophies are designed and produced by Japanese designers with feedback from the Japanese market. Therefore, the high quality finish is a direct response to the market's demands.

High quality crystal glass

Our China factory is located in one of the largest crystal glass producing areas in Asia. This exposes us to stiff competition, which in turn contributes to our high quality.

Skilled craftsmen who can make complex cuts

The craftsmen working in the factory are skilled and have a proven track record of meeting the demands of Japan. Therefore, we are able to perfectly realize our designs that bring out the texture of crystal glass.

Three-country trade with high quality products available at low prices

Our high quality trophies, designed and managed by us, are in the form of a three-country transaction, which means that when you order them, they are shipped directly from the factory. As a result, we offer them at a very low price. Although inexpensive, the quality is of Japanese quality, as the products are shipped the same as those used by our retailers.